Sunlight’s Not My Favorite Light

As long as you think your past is bad you must be improving. – Louis C.K.



Good morning,

A lot has happened since I have last posted here, and all of it in a good way! I have decided to change my attitude, because for the last couple of months I have thrown myself into this emotional depression from being “lonely”. I’ve realized that I’m not alone, I want a romantic relationship but I have many relationships that all support me. I also had an epiphany from listening to the intro to a song of all things. To quote the song, “Do you know why wealthy people that have everything are still sad and poor people who have littleĀ can be happy? It’s because the people with little are grateful for what they have.” Now that hit me, I am a 20 year old man who has a stable job, am financially stable, drives a sports car, has a dream setup, can feasibly purchase what I want, and have many friends and things to do when I want to. Sometimes we all just have to take a step back from reality to see what we all really have. Sure life has it’s high’s and low’s but that is just what happens when you ride the wave of life (Suh Dude). Let me get into a few key things that have happened over the past bit.

~Mr. Fox

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