Raining, But I’m Still Dry

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”¬†– Henry Longfellow


Indeed it is best to let nature take it’s course, to let life flow as it wants, and to let people be as they are. This weekend was a nice and peaceful as my weekends usually are, however this time it was with reason, but rather, due to a lack of reason. A while ago I read that instead of apologizing for your mistakes, you should thank people for their understanding. It is human nature to apologize for one’s own error, however this leaves a natural acceptance that the behavior is okay, and almost expected if someone were to continuously accept your apologies. So, I had decided to begin with thanking individuals for their patience in me so that they knew I would improve. With many things in my life I decided to make this apart of my personal philosophy by not just using this logic with man, but with life in general. The phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”¬†comes close, but I am not a lemonade person.

There are many things that you can control, and there are an infinite amount of things that you cannot, the best thing to do with the latter is to accept it and move on. Brains or hearts (based on your view of the human emotional anatomy) tend to linger on stressful issues and problems far longer than they should. I learned at a very young age to live with my consequences and not to be hung up on the past due to a momentary lapse of judgement. Mistakes happen, not just on your part, but to every single living and non-living organism on Earth. Once you accept your mistakes, and accept that other people also have hiccups you can do your best to understand both sides of the argument, and move on. That is why today’s quote is “The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain”.

(Sorry I didn’t have a strong layout for this post, Google Chrome glitched when I tried to publish my first draft and cleared my entire post, I tried downloading Lazarus and HxD to recover my lost form data, but had no luck.)

~Mr. Fox

Rainy days tend to be my favorite days.

A Day in the Life

A Fox is a Wolf who sends flowers – Ruth Brown


Hello is a word that could be used to kickoff my introduction or the quote above could also be used, but the point is that I am greeting you. I do not say that with sarcasm, I mean it, I say it with 100% sincerity. I long for my story to be told and writing a book is much too tedious a chore for me to force my hyperactive deficit hyperactivity ridden mind to focus on. One of the philosophies I preach with is to teach, and oh do I love teaching. In fact teaching might be not only one of my greatest weaknesses, but also my greatest flaw. You can ask anyone around me I love to shove information down their throats just to prove I know it, however people tend to think of that as a negative attribute to one’s personality. I needed an outlet to share a story with, not because someone on the outside wouldn’t listen, but because I wouldn’t want them to. I have a superiority complex brewing inside my mind and my pride won’t let me tell my problems to the people around me, maybe it is due to how deep rooted my problems are, maybe it is due to the insignificance of them in everyday life. So I vent to you, the anonymous reader who very well may know me, but for now we’ll just mask your anonymity under the term “reader”.

This isn’t just an outlet for my sadness, but also for my interests, philosophies, knowledge, experiences, preferences, and so much more. This is the only place that I can truly convey 100% of my unfiltered thoughts to anyone who knows the URL. I plan on sharing videos, pictures, stories, etc. from everything I believe you all will enjoy, 100% unfiltered! Of coarse with life there will be inappropriate experiences that won’t suit the younger audiences, but those will be marked appropriately. I want you to travel with me, cry with me, laugh with me, and understand the beauty that this world can provide and how for every teardrop there is a smile (Sometimes both at the same time).

I would write more, but I’ll let my posts take over from now.

~Mr. Fox